How to Share your Memories with your Loved Ones?

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It is beautifully said, that memories are timeless treasures of the heart and people like to capture their best moments for further reference to show them to their loved ones, and friends. There are various ways to share your pictures, views and interest with the friends and get their compliments and response to that.

For sharing the experience and precious memories one can invite his friend on different social media networks. After one subscribe or make an account on the said network he can share his experience, images, and friend list with the other person. Apart from this, he can have a look at the various activities that took place under the account oh his friend. He can additionally act as an administrator for that and can look at the images shared with the friends or are available on the album.

The images for collaboration can be stored in an album and can be viewed at any time by any of the members in the list. He can comment or post his views on the image and can also get his image saved in the album. All the activities can be managed by either of the members except the deletion of the image. One can post his recent activity, image or status on the wall of, other members to get viewed and commented. It is one of the ways of group collaboration and helps to stay close to the hearts of their loved ones. It is an effective way of communication in this world of technology. One can share his information with the other person or member in the friend list in no time. 


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