Picture Perfect Thoughts- Share them with the World

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You got a new dress, upload it, you got a new hairdo, click it, then upload it. You visited the newly opened Starbucks in your area, click a photo and then of course, upload it. You upload the things you do and you do things to upload and all for good reason. Today, the youth lives and loves to upload photos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other such sites.

We all know our brain responds well and faster to images than it does to long essays. We perceive images better and also retain them for a much longer period of time. We cannot undermine the importance of how many likes we receive on them either. Picture sharing websites are the new rage and a new page when it comes to communicating. This is an entire chapter of social networking and business promotion.
Just as we respond well to our cousin’s pictures of his infamous trip to the Vegas Strip, customers around the world respond well and faster to a revamped model of their favourite motorcycle. Images that convey appropriate and useful messages are aces among jacks and they are sure worth a thousand words. Picture sharing websites are not only a way to watch over your loved ones but also a mode to keep the consumer base updated of the latest developments in your business.

Successful marketing strategy is often backed by a company’s ability to pry open every shell of opportunity and picture sharing websites bring forth such opportunities. They do not only connect you with your loved ones but also help in brand building by giving a more human and approachable angle to your business. So, everybody wins!


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